Top 10 Best Superhero Animal Sidekicks

Top 10 Best Superhero Animal Sidekicks
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Whether you’re a marvel legend or from the DC Infinite Frontier, everyone needs help sometimes. Even the superheroes sometimes need help, a second in command, or just someone to cheer them on from the sidelines, or maybe even someone more expendable. This is what happens when your sidekick is also your pet just like Peacemaker and Eagly! Today on Top Ten Nerd, we bring you our list of the Top 10 Best Superhero Animal Sidekicks.

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Dawg
2:18 – Comet The Super Horse
2:36 – Tippy Toe
3:22 – Eagly
4:06 – Jeff The Landshark
5:07 – Redwing
6:00 – Topo
6:47 – Lockjaw
7:33 – Ace The Bathound
9:04 – Lockheed

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