Times Futurama Characters Went Too Far

Futurama is one of the internet’s most beloved TV shows. And with good reason. It’s one of the deepest, most thoughtfully written cartoons out there, and it’s followed its fans throughout life, never insulting their intelligence and never growing stale. Still, there are moments during Futurama’s run that even its greatest fans tend to cringe at. In some cases, characters departed from their central qualities. In other times, far-fetched events tested patience and belief. In other cases, jokes were stretched past their limits, leaving a bitter, unfunny taste in viewers’ mouths. All this is forgiven, of course, but these are nonetheless times Futurama characters went too far.

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Kill all humans | 0:00
R.I.P. Seymour | 1:45
Bender vs. God | 3:01
Space Jam 3000 | 4:26
Hyperdeath | 6:02
Revenge of Nixon’s Head | 7:27
Ted bones | 8:37
When aliens attack | 9:41
The clover | 10:57
Father’s Day | 12:17

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