Movie Content Plus Video Times A Cartoon Correctly Predicted Devastating Future Events

Times A Cartoon Correctly Predicted Devastating Future Events

Coincidence is a hell of a drug. That’s why it sure seems like many of your favorite cartoons have predicted future disasters with eerie prescience. "The Simpsons" gets called out for this all the time, which makes sense, considering how long the show has been on the air, how rapid-fire the jokes can be, and how many real life events and people get referenced on the classic animated sitcom. "Family Guy" and "American Dad" are roughly in the same boat. Still, it’s eerie when an old episode of an animated favorite appears to predict a horrific tragedy. Here are a few times cartoons correctly predicted devastating events … or at least got eerily close.

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Johnny Bravo predicted 9/11 | 0:00
The Simpsons did too… | 1:19
…and so did Bugs Bunny? | 2:09
The Simpsons and Siegfried and Roy | 2:52
A Fast & Furious tragedy | 4:01
All of 2020 | 4:57
Kevin Spacey’s basement | 6:08

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