THOR: LOVE and THUNDER Trailer Breakdown: Every EASTER EGG + Hidden Heimdall Explained

Thor: Love and Thunder just unleashed its first full-length trailer, unveiling Gorr the God Butcher, played by Christian Bale. In this trailer breakdown we explain why Gorr is the next big nasty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how he connects to Venom, Carnage, and (maybe!) Heimdall. EWe also break down plot theories ad explain how Russel Crowe’s character connects directly to your mom.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, and Srinidhi Rao

The trailer begins with the shot of the meditation tree that we saw in the last trailer. This is very much like a spirit tree. This is where aboriginals would meditate in the Australian desert; these trees often have wind chimes tied to their branches, as a way of harmonizing the spirit and warding off evil. Sersei communes with Arishem under one in the eternals.

Taika Waititi’s Korg narrates to the blue people that we saw Korg saving in the first trailer. Shout out to heavy spoilers for catching that this planet is likely Indigar. This was a world of atheists with no gods, but after a kid prays to Thor, he shows up to bring them rain. But then he goes off into space and discovers that the world’s gods were all killed by Gorr the god butcher–more on him in a bit.

This scene seems like it could be the bookend narration of the movie, like in Battle for the planet of the apes. Or this could just be a random shot of Korg, and taika waititi recorded this narration just for the trailer. You can;t trust these trials kids. They lie to us. It’s also appropriate that Taika wiaitit’s korg is telling us the story, because as the director he is literally the person telling us this story.

On Twitter, Kevin Maher of atomic abe productions even pointed out that this is like the opening to waitiit;s breakout hit, Boy.

We can also see Thor’s mediatio tree in the background, here. Korg telling these kids the story of a god and building that myth would also feed the theory that before Thor saved them, these people had no gods.

Next we see Thor in a costume modeled after the thunderstrike suit from the comics, casting aside his robe. We saw more of this scene in the previous trailer. The guardians were overwhelmed defending the blue people from a force with lasers, Thor leaves the battle to meditate, then returns dressed as a member of motley crue.

We can see the guardians in this scheme, with Groot and Rocket in the back, Nebula here, Drax in this overhead shot, and Star Lord taking cover by a rock.

And, hsi new leather vest seems like it was cut from a Ravager’s jacket, probably lifted from star lord’s wardrobe. Also his shirt seems to depict Ysigdril the world tree, the map of the nine realms that he drew for Jane in Thor.

And also, here inside the benatar we see Kraglin still eating yondu’s fin, as he’ll be a full fledged member of the team in guardians 3.

Next we see New Asgard, which now has a booming economy because it’s a major tourist hub. Note the asgardian cruise line ships, the golf course, and notice these golden capped buildings. As Asgard becomes more prosperous, it starts to take on the look of the old city, maybe hinting that Asgardians haven;t learned their lesson about imperialism, and would eventually rebuild their society the way it was before Ragnarok.

We also see Thor’s chariot. This chariot is lifted from mythology, and here it is pulled by two gotas named Toothgnasher and tooth grinder, like in the comics.

This movie is going to be heavily based on the brilliant gorr the god butcher storyline from Jaosn aaron’s stellar run from the comics, which I highly recommend you check out.

Next we see Thunderstrike Thor back on sakaar with Korg. Now the last time we saw Korg, he was chilling with deadpool.

But the last time we saw Korg in the MCU, he joined the battle against Thanos after gaming with Thor for a few tears [Thor he’s back]. He could still have been on New asgard, but I think it’s more likely that he returned to Sakaar, to help run the planet after the revolution that he started.

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