Movie Content Plus Video THOR: Love and Thunder POST CREDITS and ENDING EXPLAINED


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SPOILERS! Love and Thunder expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe to add a nee, super-powerful god tot he roster of the Avengers: The son of Zues, Hercules–played by none other than Brett Goldstein from Ted Lasso. We also saw Jane go to Vahalla, and Thor is now a single dad. Bu what does all this mean for the future of Thor, Asgard, and the MCU? How will these characters return? We explain.

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Written and Edited by Pavel Terehovsky (
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

#ThorLoveAndThunder #EndingExplained

Thor Love and Thunder is awesome, and there is so much to talk about after that wild ending. Seriously, this movie was like a rollercoaster of massive reveals to the future, so many new characters, so many new elements and stories for the MCU.

And we gotta explain everything.
What happened to Jane, and what’s the deal with Valhalla. What’s next for Thor and Love.

And of course, we have to talk about Hercules, who means so many cool things for the future. Also, we need to address how this movie sets up the return of Loki and so many other Asgardians.

Ok, let’s begin with the movie’s ending, that’s all the crazy stuff that happened even before the two huge credits scenes. We will get to those a little later in this video.

The big climax of the movie takes place in the center of the universe. Just saying this outloud is insane.

Gorr the Godbutcher seeks out Eternity, a being who can grant him any wish. And Gorr’s wish is to kill all the gods.

Gorr is successful in getting to Eternity, but before we talk about what that all means, we must address these two massgive reveals. Eternity and the center of the universe are huge!

First, Eternity. This entity is one of the most important beings in the universe. Scratch that, Eternity is literally the freaking universe. He and his sister, Infinity, are the embodiment of the entire universe.

Let me emphasize that, Love and Thunder just introduced a being who represents the sum total of all things in existence.

Eternity is nigh omnipotent, he is able to control time, space, reality and even magic. Again, he is the embodiment of the universe, he’s basically a god.

So granting wishes is certainly in his wheelhouse.

Though, Eternity usually appears only when the universe is in grave danger. In the comics, he’s not really compelled to grant wishes to anyone.

But it’s a detail that was changed for the MCU. Also, at this point it’s unclear if we will see Infinity.
But the introducing Eternity is getting us one massive step closer to exploring the MCU on a whole other scale. A scope that explores the building blocks of the multiverse itself.

Speaking of, we recently got a tease to the Living Tribunal, who is basically Eternity’s boss. He embodies the highest authority in the Multiverse.

All of this is setting up huge things for the future, espacily the upcoming multiverse war.

Then there’s the center of the universe. That’s the mysterious dimension where Eternity resids. The way to get there is through the temple with all the statues of godly entities.

The center of the universe appears as
reality of infinite pool of water.
It kind of looks like soul-world, only blue. It also reminds me a bit of the tesseract reality from Interstellar.
And inside the pool world, we see Eternity.

Since it’s where Eternity is located, that means that the center of the universe is literally that, the center of the universe.
It’s a reality that allows Eternity to be perceived as a physical manifestation.

So yeah, this is just like the ending of interstellar, in the sense that your brain needs to do some serious acrobatics to comprehend this place.

The center of the universe is likely the MCU’s version of the heart of the universe from the comics.

Though, the heart of the universe is not a place, instead an artifact that grants omnipotent powers. So the MCU took it in a very different direction.

So yeah, Love and Thunder just introduced some huge elements in the MCU.

In the end, Thor convinces Gorr to stop and not kill all the gods, and instead bring his daughter back to life.

And Thor promises to take care of the child.
So in the end, Gorr is kinda redeemed.
[clip: you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain]
Or if you do become the villain, make sure you are possessed by an evil sword, because then you can become the hero again. Or just throw a bad guy into a reactor shaft, and then you can come back as a force ghost.

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