Movie Content Plus Video THOR: Love and Thunder – PLOT HOLES and Unanswered Questions EXPLAINED

THOR: Love and Thunder – PLOT HOLES and Unanswered Questions EXPLAINED

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Thor: Love and Thunder is a sprawling, somewhat confusing entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, filled with unanswered questions and plot holes. Why did the hammer work for jane? Why didn’t Thor wish for more wishes? Why didn’t THANOS wish for more wishes? We have answers.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Srinidhi Rao, and Randolf Nombrado
Research by Randolf Nombrado and Srinidhi Rao

Soral Trading asks, “Why is no one talking about dead celestials at the sea in the recent MCU movies?” Well for one thing, maybe they are and it just happens off screen. For another, think about how much weird stuff is happening in our world, right now, that you don’t always talk about in casual conversation. Two years ago, the Los Angeles Angels played a baseball game under an orange sky in front of cardboard people. Yet, we don’t talk about it. Now imagine what it must be like living in the MCU, where the extraordinary became ordinary.

Plus, the news at the end of the Eternals made it clear that the general public had no idea this thing was a celestial.

Toby on Twitter has another good question, “If Heimdall is in Valhalla, how come we didn’t see him “dust” away like Odin or Jane?” Good question, and the same also applies to Loki, Frigga, these Asgardian soldiers, the Valkyries, that guy, that guy, and that guy. Plus all these dead people. It’s funny, these are also like the fan questions we got in the Phantom Menace, when people were wondering why Qui Gon didn’t fade away. I think the answer is similar. It wasn’t in the screenplay.

But remember, Odin did not die in battle. And yet, he transformed into Valhalla dust like Jane–so presumably, he is in Valhalla as well.

I think this is because Odin was always going to go to Vahalla, no matter what. Maybe because he was king, or because he had the Odin Force.

What’s the odin force?

It’s this powerful cosmic magic that Odin has. It’s why he had to take a nap to recharge in Thor 1. So that’s why he got sleepy!


So Odin was always going to Valhalla. Odin enchanted the hammer to attach it to Thor. I think this also guaranteed Thor a place in Valhalla, because Odin said he was worthy. And Thor passes this same worthy enchantment onto Jane. Because Jane dies defending Asgard, she is allowed to transcend her mortal form and enter Valhalla.

Tank engine asks, “I don’t know if that counts as a plot hole but it’s just something I asked myself during the movie. Why did Stormbreaker have its own personality and Mjolnir didn’t?” Well, it could be because Stormbreaker was created from a living thing–Groot’s arm. And we’ve already seen that a piece of a Groot can come alive as a new Groot. So maybe the wood still has some sentience.

I think it’s more because the hammer is a conduit for Thor’s emotions, that he can’t express himself–just like how it’s a conduit. Also, Mjolnir definitely has a personality–it has chosen to be with Jane, and won’t return to Thor.

I can barely swim asks, “Also does Stormbreaker not have a worthiness requirement because it seems like everyone and their mom was able to hold it in this movie (although I guess Odin specifically enchanted Mjolnir for worthiness but Stormbreaker was just forged? but now anyone can summon the bifrost?).

Great questions. One, Stormbreaker has never had a worthiness enchantment. Mjolnir didn’t either, until Odin gave it one. We even see Thanos use Stormbreaker in Endgame.

Two, Odin’s worthiness spell on Mjolnir was broken when he died. That’s why Hela could hold it. And Cap was worthy to use the hammer because that hammer was from 2013–and it was still enchanted. And as for the bifrost, any being who is powerful enough to use Stormbreaker can summon the bifrost.In this movie we see Thor, Axl, and Gorr use the bifrost, and they’re all very powerful beings.

Grant Hudson asks, “How come Gorr can kill the other gods but not thor is thor not a god.” because thor is a badass, and very hard to kill.

At Salts Pepper asks, “How does Korg have 2 dads, a mom and a mom’s boyfriend that he hates? How do Kronan family units work?” Well, we have no idea. Maybe Kronan males create male children, which are then raised by the females. Korg would have hated his mom’s boyfriend because he is a poor replacement for his two dads.

I think it’s important that we not get too hung up on the specifics of Kronan reproduction, and make them conform to the preconceived gender norms of western society.

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