Movie Content Plus Video Thor Love And Thunder: Olympians Ranked By Strength

Thor Love And Thunder: Olympians Ranked By Strength

The upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder is exciting for plenty of reasons – an appearance from the mysterious, mighty female Thor, Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, Thor’s stunning exercise routine…and the introduction of Olympus and the Olympian pantheon. Yes, while the comics mostly focus on Asgard and Norse mythology, the ever-popular collection of Gods and monsters from Greek mythology, appearing in popular games, movies, and shows for as long as the mediums have existed, also exist within the Marvel universe. Up until this point so far, the MCU films have stuck to our favorite frostbitten Nordic characters, but all of that is about to change this summer.

So, to prepare you for their appearance in the new movie, this video is going to be all about the characters of Marvel’s Olympus. Specifically, we’re going to be looking at who the members of of the Pantheon are and ranking them based on strength. Who is the strongest and how do they stack up to each other? Who can/has beat who? How do they compare to the Asgardians? Who are we likely to see? All this and more is coming your way!

Make sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments! Do you agree with my list? Did I leave anybody out? Who do you think is the most and least likely to show up in Thor: Love and Thunder, and who do you hope that we’ll see? I love to hear from you guys, so chime in, please!


0:00 Intro
0:48 Artemis
1:51 Hippolyta
2:26 Aphrodite
3:12 Typhon
3:40 Athena
4:14 Cronus
5:27 Ares
6:19 Hercules
7:56 Hades
9:38 Poseidon
11:12 Zeus
12:56 Nyx
13:51 Gaea

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