Thor: Love And Thunder Every Change From The Comics

Thor love and thunder is out and boy was it a fun ride of romantic attractions, action adventures and fun jokes along the way. Heavy spoilers ahead, so if you are watching this video and you haven’t seen the movie yet… What are ya doing, man? Go watch it! Thor love and thunder follows Gorr the god butcher on an evil quest to slay the gods to avenge the death of his daughter and Thor and mighty Thor teaming up to take the scary man down and save the life of all the gods! The anticipated release of the new Thor movie promised audiences the return of the wonderful Jane Foster as she turns into the mighty Thor and man did it deliver! Like any comic book movie of today’s day and age, you’re gonna see similar arcs from the comics and events and characters drastically changed. With Thor love and thunder out, let’s take a gander at what exactly marvel studios took from the comics and what they left behind.


0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Gorr The God Butcher
1:57 – Cancer Diagnosis
2:47 – Thor
3:46 – Worthy Of Thor
4:37 – Battle Against Gorr
5:33 – Secret Identity
6:21 – Captain America
7:12 – Mjolnir
8:02 – Jane’s Death
9:01 – The New Valkyrie
9:47 – Outro

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