Movie Content Plus Video THOR 4 and Muppet Christmas Carol are the Same Movie–With One Key Difference

THOR 4 and Muppet Christmas Carol are the Same Movie–With One Key Difference

On the surface, Thor: Love and Thunder and a Muppet Christmas Carol are not very alike. But once you take a closer look at the movies, you see that they are a lot alike. Except Muppet Christmas Carol brilliantly balance humor and pathos, while Thor: Love and Thunder’s joke-a-minute style undermines the movie’s drama.

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Co-Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Co-Written by Victoria Barclay
Edited by Srinidhi Rao, Ethan Lavinsky, and Brianna McLarty

Entertain the Elk Video:

Thor has EVERYTHING to do with the muppets. These two movies are actually very similar, and each of them has one very similar scene that I think explains why the muppet Christmas carol is a beloved classic and Thor live and thunder is the movie that some people say, “broke phase 4.”

But first, let’s talk about the many similarities. [splitscreens] Both movies are about a man who has closed himself off emotionally from the rest of the world, including his estranged girlfriend. Each is adapted from previous tales and is narrated by their authors [clips]. And both movies feature flashbacks to show us how the main character became so closed off.

The hero goes on a journey where he encounters people from his past and several powerful supernatural forces. Each movie also features an ailing character who the main hero feels affection for–and each story is a meta-commentary on how the wealthy exploit the working classes. The ultimate lesson of each movie is to enjoy your life with the time you have and not be laser-focused on obtaining a single goal.

And of course, each move ends with the villain having a change of heart, and the main character opens up his heart to love a child.

So even with all of those similarities, there’s a reason why the muppet Christmas carol is like [this clip]. And thor love and thunder is like this [daffy duck going crazy].

First, let’s talk about the muppet Christmas carol and why it works so well–and for me, it’s the star: Michael Caine.

Now you try it at home. Anyways, entertain the elk just put out a great video about muppet Christmas carol I highly recommend, link down below. In this video, he pulls this quote from Michael Caine, talking to director Brian Henson:

“ I’m going to play this like I’m in the Royal Shakespeare company. I will never wink, I will never do anything muppety. I am going to play scrooge as if it is in an utterly dramatic role, and there are no puppets around me.”

This was brilliant. Scrooge gives the movie its dramatic anchor. The muppets can be silly, and this is balanced out by the gravitas of this academy award-winning actor. Roger Ebert, in his review of Dr. Strangelove, said that “Dr. Strangelove’s" humor is generated by a basic comic principle: People trying to be funny are never as funny as people trying to be serious and failing.“

In other words, comedy requires a straight man.

Doug: Like rock Hudson?

No, a straight man is a person in comedy who doesn’t really try to get the laughs. They’re the grounded characters we can all relate to as all the craziness happens around us. Like in this classic routine, who’s on first. Lou Costello doesn’t understand that the baseball players are named after pronouns. [clip]. But Bud Abbott-the straight man–enables this gag, because he is the one who is creating the framework for this misunderstanding.

Being a straight man is an unsung skill–Costello even made 10% more money than Abbott. But Michael Caine’s willingness to play this role with such sincerity enables the film to have both humor and heart. Muppets are inherently silly. This scene perfectly embodies why this humor works [yell about coal, then what wave]

This is why, in all the best muppet movies, the humans are always the straight man. This is embodied perfectly by Orson Welles in the Muppet Movie, playing the Saturn studio head, with one line [prepare standard rich and famous contract].

Or then there’s the waitress in muppets take manhattan, who is just trying to make ends meet–an ordinary person who gets mixed up in muppet craziness.

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