Things You Only Notice After Watching The Batman More Than Once

Superhero movies love to sneak references and easter eggs into their scenes, and "The Batman" is no exception. Matt Reeves’ take on the Caped Crusader is full of hidden goodies to find, but if you’re focused on the action, they might be hard to spot.

With "The Batman" now available to stream on HBO Max, it’s easier than ever to rewatch it and see if you can notice anything new. If you don’t feel like spending another three hours on a second or third viewing, though, we’re here to help! Here are some things people only notice after watching "The Batman" more than once.

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Batman’s new look | 0:00
How the Riddler mirrors Bruce | 1:07
Alfred’s scar | 2:12
Falcone might know Batman’s identity | 3:27
The Riddler’s glasses | 4:22
Bruce Wayne embraces the light | 5:13
The cease-and-desist letter | 6:25
The Riddler’s plot is foreshadowed | 7:22
The Penguin waddles | 8:08
The robber’s Halloween mask | 9:07
The Riddler mimics Michael Myers | 9:49

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