Things You Forgot Happened In John Wick

With three movies behind him, John Wick is an action franchise that came from nowhere and became a phenomenon, as a series with unusually deep lore, and a ton of unsolved mysteries. Despite being released in the middle of a flurry of action films in 2014, John Wick stood out, thanks to the commanding performance of Keanu Reeves, and the film’s explosive action sequences.

Sure, the film series’ first entry is small in comparison to the world it later built, but there’s still a lot of depth there; so much that you may have missed a few things. Here are some things you forgot happened in John Wick.

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Vengeance for Marcus | 0:00
John the Merciful | 1:33
Aurelio assaults Iosef | 2:52
An impossible task | 3:41
Rescuing his second dog | 4:43
John’s mysterious mentor | 5:37
Panic at the Red Circle | 6:36

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