Movie Content Plus Video Things Only Adults Noticed In Encanto

Things Only Adults Noticed In Encanto

Disney’s "Encanto" is the story of a large Colombian family bound together by love and service to their community. But the Madrigals are no ordinary family. From the ability to heal to astonishing strength to speaking to animals, each Madrigal child’s gift makes them exceptional — each child except Mirabel, who for some reason was denied the magic that makes the rest of her family so special. "Encanto" is a heartwarming film the whole family can enjoy, but it’s also filled with little touches that might go over the heads of the youngest in the theater. Here are a few things only adults noticed in "Encanto."

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Practical royalty | 0:00
Who’s the bad guy? | 1:32
Make a man out of who? | 2:38
Unique vision | 3:27
"Frozen," reheated | 4:19
Miranda writes | 5:29
Colombian zoo | 6:38
Herculean efforts | 7:59
Knock on wood | 9:04
Inspired by Colombia | 10:08

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