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Things Only Adults Notice In The Batman

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Whiff, Bam, Pow! Comics aren’t just for kids anymore, and neither is "The Batman," the newest film starring the Caped Crusader. At the helm this go-around is Matt Reeves (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) with Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse) and Zoe Kravitz (X-Men: First Class) as Batman and Catwoman, respectively. At nearly three hours, the film has a lot of time to dig into this new, somehow-even-grittier take on the Dark Knight. While it’s still sort of an origin story for Batman and Gotham City more generally, it’s also a new take on the concept, meant to appeal to fans of all ages. But, of course, there are things only adults notice in "The Batman."

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A touch of Moore | 0:00
That f-bomb | 1:35
A "Year One" Gotham | 2:44
A relatable Batman | 3:51
Dark, but not realistic | 5:16
Batman is uptight about sex work | 6:40
Too realistic for Superman | 7:44
Not MCU-ish at all | 9:13

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