Things Only Adults Notice In Pinky And The Brain

If you grew up during the ‘90s and were an avid TV viewer, it’s unlikely you missed “Pinky and the Brain.” The cartoon was a spin-off of “The Animaniacs,” and it turned out to be a highly successful show in its own right. You might have enjoyed it quite a bit in your youth, but if you revisit it as an adult, you may appreciate it even more.

To a younger audience, there are plenty of things in “Pinky and the Brain” that may not land. But older viewers will definitely have a deeper appreciation for some of the more subtle gags and concepts. These are the things only adults notice in “Pinky and the Brain.”

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Lots of historical references | 0:00
Pop culture parodies for grown-ups | 1:14
Scandalous jokes | 2:07
Are they more than friends? | 3:00
An affinity for crossdressing | 4:04
Genius or insane? | 5:02
Pinky really, really likes horses | 5:57
Unexpected celebrity cameos | 6:52
Plenty of mature topics | 7:34

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