Things Only Adults Notice In Labyrinth

If you remember the release of "Labyrinth," get ready to feel old: 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of the beloved fantasy-adventure film. The Jim-Henson directed, George Lucas-produced classic follows 16-year-old Sarah as she tries to rescue her baby brother from the mysterious Goblin King. And, of course, she has to go through the titular labyrinth to do it.

"Labyrinth" has most assuredly stood the test of time. It’s a movie parents still show to their kids today. And if you’re watching it with your kids as an adult, there may be a few things you pick up on that you didn’t in your own younger years. Here are some of the things only adults notice in "Labyrinth."

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Ziggy the Goblin King | 0:00
Jennifer Connelly | 1:18
Terry’s touch | 2:22
Sarah’s sins | 3:32
The babe with the power |4:39
Throwbacks | 5:39
Fact or fiction? | 6:48
Handsy | 7:41
Stranger danger | 8:27
Escher | 9:27
Life lessons | 10:19

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