These Movies Never Were Supposed To Have A Sequel. Here’s Why

Sometimes it’s best to leave a great thing alone, without trying to squeeze every last bit of economic potential from it. More often, at least in Hollywood, successful films are brought back to life for sequels and spinoffs, until no one remembers what made the IP great in the first place. Sometimes these sequels are concocted for films that really don’t call for additional material. We’re talking the likes of Donnie Darko, The Exorcist, and American Psycho. Anyone who sees these classics can agree that the sequel potential seems minimal. But sequels came for them all, even though they’re not exactly beloved today. These movies never were supposed to have a sequel. Here’s why.

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American Psycho | 0:00
The Blair Witch Project | 1:28
The Bourne Identity | 2:34
Caddyshack | 3:32
Carrie | 4:25
Donnie Darko | 5:14
The Exorcist | 6:16
Gremlins | 7:29
Speed | 8:16

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