The World’s Most Difficult Lord Of The Rings Questions Answered

Middle-Earth can be a confusing place at the best of times — one filled to the brim with countless creatures, massive kingdoms, and long, long histories. J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary work gets into plenty of detail, and Peter Jackson’s subsequent films do a fine job of translating that work for the big screen.

But since movie adaptations are rarely able to paint to full picture of what happens in a book, we’ve scoured the pages of Tolkien’s work for answers to the most confusing aspects of Jackson’s films. Journey into Middle-earth with us as we answer the world’s most difficult Lord of the Rings questions.

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Ancient rivalries | 0:00
Where do orcs come from? | 1:41
What are Uruk-hai? | 3:04
What does the Ring actually do? | 4:14
When does Frodo leave the Shire? | 5:39
What’s up with Denethor? | 6:35
What makes a hobbit? | 7:52
Where are the dwarven rings? | 8:49
Who’s stronger: Gandalf or the Witch-King? | 9:47

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