The Woman King: 25 Things You Missed


Forget the fantasy world of Wakanda and their elite royal guard called the Dora Milaje. In the real world, one of the most powerful empires of the 18th to 19th century got that distinction through a standing professional army with really only one rule, no romance, only stabbing and punching and grabbing. The new Viola Davis movie The Woman King tells the almost real life story of the Alojie, the elite all woman army of the Dahomey people of what is now Benin. Employing a combination of historical research and a fair amount of historical revision to get the otherwise horrifying Agojie who were key in King Gheza’s plans to expand and continue to make a fortune off selling its captives The Woman King imagines a world where a traumatic event puts the whole trading human beings as a commodity thing in perspective for Nanisca, the leader of the Agojie. In this reality then not only do the Dahomey end their tribute requirements with the Oyo but they end the Oyo. Bringing together such talents as Viola Davis, director Gloria Prince-Bythewoods, composer Terrance Blanchard and Lion King songwriter, South Africa’s Lebo M as well as a group of talented African artists to create an authentic looking portrait of a precolonial Africa. With the entire cast going through intense training the movie does not forget to deliver on its promise of action as well. What was your favorite part of this unexpected hit? Let us know in the comments and while you’re there be sure to like and subscribe.

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Dora Milaje
1:11 – Black Panther
2:13 – Nanisca
3:00 – Nawi
3:41 – Thorn Test
4:27 – End of the Test
5:04 – Nawi’s Recruitment
5:35 – Spear Challenge
6:06 – Palm Oil & Pointy Fingers
6:45 – Tethered Sword
7:17 – Weapon
7:39 – Ranks
8:21 – Fon
8:48 – Competing Chants
9:22 – Original Dances
10:00 – Music
10:38 – Training
11:01 – High Tech Fitness
11:23 – Influences
11:52 – Woman King
12:29 – Captain
13:12 – What’s in a Name?
13:33 – The fate of the Dahomey
14:28 – Agojie After Retirement
14:43 – Real Dahomey

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Written by: Ryan C
Narrated by: Patrice Scott
Edited by: Patrice Scott

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