Movie Content Plus Video The Wilds: Reign Edwards on the Loss of Nora and Rachel’s Hand

The Wilds: Reign Edwards on the Loss of Nora and Rachel’s Hand

With a new season of The Wilds now available to stream on Prime Video, it’s time for a brand new episode of Collider Ladies Night with one of the show’s hugely talented cast members. We were lucky enough to have Mia Healey on for Season 1, and now it’s time to put the spotlight on Reign Edwards for Season 2!

Edwards’ Rachel is central to one of Season 1’s biggest cliffhangers. After finally getting to a better place and heading back into the water, Rachel is attacked by a shark in the finale episode. Not only does she lose her hand during the encounter, but she also loses her sister, Nora (Helena Howard).

It’s hard to imagine much bigger character challenges to tackle for an actor, but Edwards was ready for it. During our Collider Ladies Night conversation, we retraced her steps in the industry which revealed a few key influences and production experiences that gave her the tools she needed to tackle such deeply emotional material with great nuance and heart.

Check out what she told us about The Wilds Season 2, The Bold and the Beautiful, MacGyver, and more on this edition of Collider Ladies Night!

Listen to the conversation uncut in podcast form here:

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00:00 Dicey Questions
01:20 The Wilds Cast vs. Zombies
03:42 The Bold and the Beautiful
04:56 MacGyver, Snowfall & Hell Fest
06:56 Haunted Houses
08:15 Bill Burr & Old Dads
09:25 The Wilds Season 2
12:59 The Wilds Season 2 Spoilers

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