Movie Content Plus Video The Very Best Moments In West Side Story

The Very Best Moments In West Side Story

West Side Story is a timeless musical that chronicles the relationship between two star-crossed lovers, who are divided by racial tension and gang violence in New York’s upper west side. The original 1961 film is a classic, with songs like "America," "I Feel Pretty," and "Somewhere" having worked their way into the American songbook, and performances from the show’s leads being counted among the best in musical cinema. Now with Steven Spielberg’s version of the classic coming to theaters, let’s revisit the original story to begin to understand how it and the new version might differ. These are the best moments in West Side Story.

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New York is changing | 0:00
Actual Latinos! | 1:10
Anybodys | 2:02
The dance | 3:17
Going M.A.D. | 4:13
The Rumble | 5:12
‘I Feel Pretty’ | 6:11
‘Somewhere’ | 7:00
Chino’s rage | 7:55
The ending | 8:54

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