The Untold Truth Of Wildboyz

In the early 2000s, “Jackass” was something of a cultural phenomenon. The popular MTV stunt show lasted for three seasons, but spawned multiple films and a couple TV series. One of those was “Wildboyz,” which ran for four seasons and starred “Jackass” alums Steve-O and Chris Pontius as they traveled the world in search of sometimes dangerous adventure.
The show was often more wild than its Johnny Knoxville-led predecessor, but how much of “Wildboyz” was actually real, and how much was just pretend? Come along as we journey through the history of this lesser-known adventure series: here’s the untold truth of “Wildboyz.”

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Origins of the name | 0:00
It wasn’t shot in Africa | 0:56
Wildboyz lasted longer than Jackass | 2:26
Ultimate Predator | 3:10
Pontius’ celebrity encounter | 4:00
Irrational fear of cats | 4:53
Pontius’ favorite stunt | 5:48
Pontius’ most painful stunt ever | 6:56
Too much like ‘Jackass’ | 8:13
Tony Hawk’s worst injury | 9:10
Another Wildboyz season | 10:00

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