Movie Content Plus Video The Untold Truth of Vikings: Valhalla

The Untold Truth of Vikings: Valhalla

In 2013, History changed our collective perception of some woefully misunderstood ancient warriors in the form of the series "Vikings." Gone are the horned-helmeted caricatures of cartoons and NFL mascots, replaced with a gritty and (reasonably) historically accurate depiction of the real Viking people. "Vikings" was History’s most successful show ever, so it’s no surprise that Netflix jumped at the chance to pick up the IP and do a follow-up series, retaining much of the original show’s behind-the-scenes talent. So what story do they plan to tell this time around, considering "Vikings" had six seasons already? This is the untold truth of "Vikings: Valhalla."

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100 years later | 0:00
Behind the scenes | 1:35
The three main characters | 2:36
End of an era | 3:37
Born for the role | 4:22
Costumes with character | 5:01
Taking history seriously | 6:04
A religious civil war | 7:09

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