The Untold Truth Of The Shining

Kubrick’s take on “The Shining” has much less to do with the corrupting desires of ghosts, and more to do with the visceral terror behind Jack Torrance. But are there more things we aren’t seeing behind closed doors?

The fear of the unknown is just one of the film’s many mysterious qualities that has caused fans to incessantly theorize about what exactly happened in a movie by one of Hollywood’s most fascinating directors. Luckily, there are some things that we do know about the history of Kubrick’s film.

From Stephen King’s dislike on the film’s adaptation of his classic novel to Kubrick’s own visions — “The Shining” became its own creation without many ties to what originally inspired it. But that’s not all, from traumatized actors to Guinness world records and haunting theories — what really is the truth? Let’s find out. Get your keys ready. Here’s the untold truth of The Shining.

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Jack Torrance | 0:00
Wendy Torrance | 1:08
Trauma for Shelley Duvall | 1:47
The Overlook Hotel | 3:15
A Guinness World Record | 3:58
"Warmth and cold" | 5:11
What about the kids? | 5:54
The 1997 miniseries | 6:50
The bear suit scene | 7:34
"That’s outrageous" | 8:39
Destroyed scenes | 9:30
The fire at Elstree | 10:39

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