The Untold Truth Of The Passion Of The Christ

Lightning strikes on set, warring critical opinions, and the role Monica Bellucci fought to get. Maybe when you know the original meaning of "passion" it will all make more sense. Here’s what you don’t know about Mel Gibson’s most successful film.

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Controversial beginnings | 0:00
Passion, defined | 1:20
Speaking in ancient tongues | 2:26
Artistic inspiration | 3:55
Casting Jesus | 5:00
Meet Mary Magdalene | 6:31
On set tribulations | 7:34
What’s in a name? | 8:44
Critical thinking | 9:44
Homophobic controversy | 11:17
Box office success | 12:16
Parodies of the Christ | 13:42
Faith-based film legacy | 15:09

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