Movie Content Plus Video The Untold Truth Of The Menu

The Untold Truth Of The Menu

From a character inspired by action star Steven Seagal to gourmet dishes hand-crafted by an award-winning chef, the untold truth of "The Menu" is chock full of tasty tidbits.

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Two actors improvised | 0:00
Steven Seagal inspired Leguizamo | 1:06
Hoult had a lot of eating to do | 1:53
Chef Dominique Crenn consulted | 2:27
Filmed like Chef’s Table | 3:18
Hong Chau fought for Elsa | 4:28
Script had elements of The Onion | 5:26
Judith Light owned a restaurant | 5:56
Actors did enjoyable prep work | 6:46
The slap was unscripted | 7:23
Why Margot’s back is to the chef | 8:26

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