The Untold Truth Of Steve-O

Stephen Gilchrist Glover, aka Steve-O, is best known for all the times he’s injured himself on MTV’s "Jackass." He’s a huge reason the show was such a hit, and the over-the-top stunts and sweet cast camaraderie even spawned a film franchise that’s continued on into the 2020s, with "Jackass Forever" coming out in February. Steve-O has been a busy man these past two decades, overcoming addiction, going vegan, and turning his side hustle as a stand-up comedian into a successful career. So while you might be familiar with "Jackass," there’s plenty you don’t yet know about Stephen Glover. This is the untold truth of Steve-O.

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Heartbreak started his career | 0:00
Graduate of clown college | 1:02
Arrested | 2:02
Hip hop artist | 3:19
A canine connection | 4:09
Animal rights activist | 5:11
A long-time vegan | 6:39
A unique voice | 7:45
A successful stand-up comedian | 8:55
Dreams of an animal sanctuary | 10:10

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