Movie Content Plus Video The Untold Truth Of Princess Mononoke

The Untold Truth Of Princess Mononoke

From a katana sent in the mail as a low-key threat to 100,000 hand drawn images, there’s a whole lot you probably don’t know about "Princess Mononoke".

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Neil Gaiman’s translation | 0:00
Miyazaki’s translation rules | 1:34
Harvey Weinstein and the katana | 2:45
Two years for one scene | 3:45
Making the boar monster | 5:00
Western inspiration | 6:03
"Life is suffering" | 6:49
All-star English cast | 8:01
Lady Eboshi’s backstory | 9:02
The Totoro connection | 10:15
Logical sound design | 11:06
Miyazaki’s hope for the future | 12:03

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