The Untold Truth Of Mars Attacks!

Tim Burton’s 1996 movie "Mars Attacks!" is chock-full of celebrity cameos, gruesome gags, and even some Easter eggs — although not every moviegoer at the time appreciated the surprisingly terrifying sci-fi-flick. Name one other movie that features a scene in which aliens swap the heads of humans and dogs. Only the twisted mind of Tim Burton could create such an audacious and entertaining alien invasion flick. Everything from the film’s surprising origin, its shockingly poor box office performance, and even its musical score are steeped in intrigue. Even the biggest "Mars Attacks!" fans might not know many of these nuggets of trivia! So make like a Martian: Blast away your boredom and check out this video — but try to avoid shrinking any generals or redesigning Mount Rushmore while you’re watching The Untold Truth Of Mars Attacks!

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The source material | 0:00
Martians vs. Dinosaurs | 1:10
Burton’s inspirations | 2:07
Star-studded cast | 3:11
Online marketing | 4:16
Innovative computer animation | 5:17
Oscar hopes? | 6:27
Elfman adds the music | 7:39
Box office woes | 8:41
Enduring cult fandom | 10:11

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