The Untold Truth Of Donald Glover

Donald Glover has a career that stretches across industries. The star has found success as a writer, actor, musician, and director, having won over 40 awards in recognition of his work in entertainment. He’s an incredibly gifted storyteller, and one of the most genuinely likable celebrities in the industry.
Glover has many hats, but how much do you really know about this entertainment icon? We’re looking back on his incredible life and career, from his early sketch comedy roots at NYU to his thoughts on working with Beyonce. This is the untold truth of Donald Glover.

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Derrick Comedy | 0:00
The road to 30 Rock | 1:03
Jehovah’s Witness | 2:12
Saturday Night Live | 3:00
Donald and Chevy | 3:51
Miles Morales | 5:02
Stand-up | 6:25
Childish Gambino | 7:24
PHAROS | 8:13
Unplugged | 9:27
Wakanda forever | 10:15
Atlanta | 11:01
Clapping for the Wrong Reasons | 12:13
Making waves | 13:13
Who was Teddy Perkins? | 13:59
This is America | 15:21
Donald and Beyonce | 16:43

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