The Untold Truth Of Chris Pontius

Chris Pontius is many things – a family man, a party boy, a wild boy, and a "Jackass" star. Now, he’s coming back to the big screen with the rest of the crew for the anticipated fourth "Jackass" movie, "Jackass Forever."

The California native has gone through a lot in his years-long journey to unlikely stardom. From his early days with "Big Brother" magazine to his famously homeless episode of MTV Cribs, he’s managed to go a long way while still staying true to himself.

His journey with "Jackass" and "Wildboyz" has taken him all over the world, but if you only know him from TV, then you don’t know the untold truth of Chris Pontius.

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"Big Brother" beginnings | 0:00
Enter "Party Boy" | 1:13
Chasing a porch pirate | 2:06
He’s a brawler | 2:54
The Toyota Tacoma | 3:52
Wildboyz | 4:43
VMAs prank | 5:46
Party Boy to Family Man | 6:42
Acting career | 7:33

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