The Untold Truth Of Cad Bane

A bounty hunter who takes no prisoners, Cad Bane is one of the most ruthless – and fascinating – villains in the Star Wars universe. His Western gunslinger vibe is a perfect fit for "The Book of Boba Fett," but Cad Bane has actually been roaming the galaxy for a long, long time. From "The Clone Wars" to "The Bad Batch," he’s been a ruthless adversary to multiple heroes over the years. But what’s the real story behind this iconic character? From his design origins to an unexpected inspiration for his voice, to so much more, we’re tipping our hats to this bounty hunter and exploring the untold truth of Cad Bane.

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A change of plans | 0:00
Ancient origins | 1:08
Smokin’ | 2:07
Bane v. Fett | 3:09
Mirror image | 4:11
A hunter’s voice | 5:17
Rebels | 6:25
The Bad Batch | 7:15
New look | 8:19
Reuse and recycle | 9:17

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