Movie Content Plus Video The Untold Truth Of Boba Fett

The Untold Truth Of Boba Fett

Once a throwaway character on the massive stage of Star Wars, bounty hunter Boba Fett has garnered a massive following over the decades. At the time of his origin, to creator George Lucas at least, Fett didn’t stand out among the countless secondary characters that inhabited the growing Star Wars universe. However, fans connected to Fett’s icy competence and indefatigable drive, and soon Lucas had stitched Fett in to other stories, albeit awkwardly. Today, Fett enjoys speaking roles and a central position in Disney’s The Mandalorian, and numerous other Star Wars spinoffs fill out his dramatic story. Here’s the untold truth of Boba Fett.

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Lucas thought fans would hate Boba Fett | 0:00
He fell into the Sarlacc Pit twice | 1:51
Not-so-special Edition | 2:44
He has a wide array of knickknacks | 4:17
His ship had a controversial name | 5:17
Fett Code | 6:26
He’s not a Mandalorian | 7:13
Boba Fett was almost Luke’s mom | 8:08
Boba Fett was almost Anakin’s brother | 8:39
Canceled projects | 9:25

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