The Untold Truth Of 1883

As a spinoff of the popular neo-western "Yellowstone," "1883" had some pretty big cowboy boots to fill. Creator Taylor Sheridan may have gotten lucky with the story of the Dutton family ranch in modern time, but would audiences follow him as he spun the clock back over 100 years? As it turns out, the audience’s answer was a resounding yes. Starring veteran actor Sam Elliot and country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the series has proved to be a crossover hit for parent distributor Viacom. Want to know more about this throwback Western drama? This is the untold truth of "1883."

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Yellowstone Flashbacks | 0:00
It came together fast | 1:36
The famous country music couple | 2:48
Enjoyed on its own | 4:08
A laborious production | 5:29
It’s been a record setter | 6:51
Why Sam Elliott signed on | 8:09
Authenticity is key | 9:21

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