The ULTIMATE Accurate Simpsons Predictions Compilation

Dive into the fascinating world of The Simpsons and their uncanny ability to predict the future. In this video, we explore various instances where The Simpsons accurately predicted events in 2020, and beyond. We also delve into some predictions that are surprisingly easy to explain, and take a look at 2021 predictions they got right (and some that could still come true). Join us as we uncover the mystery behind The Simpsons’ prophetic powers!



0:00 How The Simpsons Predicted 2020
10:51 10 More Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future
20:27 10 Freaky Simpsons Predictions That Are Actually Easy To Explain
34:15 2021 Predictions The Simpsons Got Right (And 5 That Could Still Happen)

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