Movie Content Plus Video The Truth About Spider-Man And Doctor Strange’s Relationship

The Truth About Spider-Man And Doctor Strange’s Relationship

With Peter Parker poised to make some mistakes with Stephen Strange in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, non-comic-reading moviegoers might be forgiven for thinking that the science superhero and sorcerer supreme are a bit of an odd couple. However, Dr. Strange and Spider-Man go way back in Marvel Comics history, partly due to their shared creator, Steve Ditko. Many comic creators since then have found success by bringing the two characters together for a team-up. From deals with the devil to inter-dimensional hijinks and forgotten mystical training, this is the untold truth of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange’s relationship.

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Out of this world | 0:00
Secret Defenders | 1:41
Happy birthday | 2:54
Deal with the devil | 4:20
One Moment in Time | 5:28
Doppelgangers | 7:09
Master of the Mystic Arts | 8:29
Avengers assembled | 9:46
Into the Spider-Verse | 10:51
2099 | 11:40

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