The TRUE Meaning of INFINITY POOL | Full Movie Breakdown, Analysis And Ending Explained

The TRUE Meaning of INFINITY POOL | Full Movie Breakdown, Analysis And Ending Explained. Infinity Pool Breakdown. We recap, review and explain the ending of Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool and talk about the true meaning of the movie.

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So Infinity Pool is a movie that I can’t stop thinking about. Whether it’s the ambiguous ending, the horrifying turns that the characters take or the fact it makes the mundane insane, something about it just won’t leave my head. From the first second I put this on it just hypnotised me and throughout it’s runtime I didn’t check my phone or glance away from the screen. It’s something I haven’t felt since watching Stanley Kubrick movies and this is easily my favourite film of the year so far.

Looking back at it there’s so much to unpack and throughout this breakdown I’m gonna be going through the movies true meaning and also discussing what I took from the ending. Weirdly I actually found myself relating to James a lot and I actually think there’s some key character traits in him that are universal on a human level.

Now I will be talking about some of the plot points in the movie as they happen but I’m gonna take it that you’ve seen the film and that you’re up to speed with it’s story. I don’t wanna just recap the plot as there’s so much to talk about and I think the best place to start is actually the ending.

In it we watch as James ends up returning back to the resort that acted as a place in which he was reborn after going through a nightmareish week there.

At this point James has now decided not to return back to his wife and instead he feels fully independent and able to embrace his true self.

This is hinted at by a line from Gabi in which she says.

Em will never let you be how you are

The group stage everything so that in the end he has to destroy the personification of himself and the week should be seen as an initiation trial. As soon as he does this he is freed and we even see a switch in Gabi in which she goes from a complete psychopath to a nuturing figure.

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