The “That Guy” Song – An Ode to Character Actors

The "That Guy" Song - An Ode to Character Actors

Stephen Root is that guy Milton from Office Space
Gary Cole plays Milton’s boss
Ray Stevenson was the number one Punisher
William Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross

That old British Guy, Gladiator, and Dead Again
His name is Derek Jacobi
But the Best Friend’s Wedding guest who popped up in Scream?
That guy is Dermot Mulroney

And Peter Stormare is the nihilist porn star who beats up The Dude in Lebowski
But that guy in Groundhog Day that your thinking of’s name is Steven Tobolowksy  

That guy from The Founder
That guy from Titanic
And American Gigolo
They’re names are John Carroll Lynch
and Victor Garber
and Hector Elizondo

John Hurt, John Heard
John Noble, John Cazale
John Hawkes, John Larroquette
Jonny Lee Miller, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Banks can’t forget

And surely you know that John Turturro goes toe to toe with Matt Damon in Rounders
But in Face Off the cop who suggests they should switch faces is CCH Pounder

Jennifer Coolidge is borderline A-list because of her time on White Lotus
Juliette Lewis is back after Yellowjackets, Cherry Jones played the POTUS

Surely you know that Margo Martindale’s not as crazy as BoJack depicts her
But that guy you’re thinking of who plays all of those creeps, his name is William Fichtner

The tough cookie in Total Recall with Arnie and Con Air is Rachel Ticotin
While that lady’s name is Beth Grant who doubts your commitment made to Sparkle Motion

Hiam Abbass is that girl boss in Blade Runner 2
And Marcia in Succession
While Lin Shaye takes on insidious cases
Involving demonic possession

Christopher McDonald’s Shooter McGavin is right on the tip of your tongue
But if it’s an evil Breakfast Club principal, that guy’s name is Paul Gleason

Charles Dance had the idea for the Red Wedding
Clark Gregg plays Shield agent Coulson
And if you doubt we’re leaving someone out…

Ray Wise, Luis Guzman
Fred Ward, Brendan Gleeson
Judy Greer and Wallace Shawn!

Composer and Producer: David B
Vocals: Molla Roi
Lyrics: Spencer Gilbert, Lon Harris, Danielle Radford, Kevin Williamsen
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Manager: Emin Bassavand
Content Manager: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Post-Production Specialist: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne

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