Movie Content Plus Video THE SANDMAN: Ending Explained and Season 1 BREAKDOWN

THE SANDMAN: Ending Explained and Season 1 BREAKDOWN

The Sandman is a brilliant adaptation of the comic book by Neil Gaiman. While the first season was faithful to the book, some of the plot points may have fans asking questions: Who is Desire? Why does Desire hate dream? What is Lucifer’s Plan? IN this video we explain the ending and give a full breakdown of season 1.

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Written, Hosted, and Edited by Ryan Arey (

0:00 Season 1 Recap
3:50 Corinthian Explained
5:02 Collectors Explained
6:07 Dream Vortex Explained
9:39 Desire’s Plan

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So the sandman comic takes place in the actual DC comics superhero universe. So characters like the martian manhunter and swamp thing do crossover with this story. But the series was smart to distance itself from the superhero universe. We even see at one point that the DC comics heroes are products in this universe just like they are in ours.

For instance, in the comics, Dr. D in the diner is the justice league villain dr destiny. Sbut they reimagined him perfect in this series, in a way that ties him to Morpehu’s original captors.

So Dream is one of seven beings called the endless. These beings kind of embody the different aspects of humanity, or all intelligent life. They are destiny, death, dream, desire, despair, and delirium.

Yes, but one of them took off a few hundred years earlier, and I don’t want to spoil anything about them.

Allright, so each of these seven have th eir own realms that they maintain. IN the case of dreams, he is the lord of stories, and the dreams we have when we’re asleep. So if you go someplace in a dream, what you’re actually doing is visiting his metaphysical realm. Every dream or nightmare you have is someone who the dream lord created.

One of these nightmares, the corinthian, leaves the dreaming realm so he can murder humanity at will. He likes the freedom, and feels empowered by preying on human beings.

Before Dream can erase Corinthian, a group of rich old men in England accidentally imprison him for decades. This causes the dreaming to fall apart. In the waking world, people begin to fall asleep for decades. All of this is perhaps a commentary on humanity in the 20th century, and how our reliance on technology has inhibited our ability to see the world through a more fantastical lens.

Dream breaks out of his prison, but is weakened. He spends the season gathering his tools where he placed portions of his power.

During this time, he wins back his helm from hell, embarrassing Lucifer in the process. [you embarrassed me]. Lucifer is played brilliantly by Gwenoldine Christie. You look at her and you really do see this beautiful, perfect warrior from heaven.

She has a plan to get back at Dream–and heaven–that is so perfect and devious, I can’t wait to see it play out in season 2.

Also, most importantly–dream is an a-hole.housnd dog years ago he fell in love with an african princess, and when she rejected him he cursed her to hell–just because she hurt his feelings, and embarrassed him [you embarrassed me in front of her]

After Dream re-acquires his tools, we enter the final arc of the season–where things start to get really confusing.

First let’s talk about the Corinthians. He was created by Drea, to be a nightmare. But nightmares serve a function to help humanity–they expose us to our worst gears, so we can face them [dream saying this]. The problem is, the corinthian stopped living to serve humanity, and wanted to serve only himself.

He breaks away from dream to eat the eyeballs out of random people’s heads. He does this for a few reasons. One, eyes are symbolic of the soul–and the corinthian has no soul. But eyes are also a way to create empathy. To understand someone, we look into their eyes. But, instead of eyes, the corinthian only has teeth. So instead of seeing others, and relating to people with eye contact–he only desires to consume others. He can never connect with a human being on an emotional level–he just wants to consume them.

So Corinthian is also a metaphor of how in today’s society we don’t feel empathy for one another–and we’re all just rampaging consumers.

The Corinthian’s goal is to stay alive. He wants to keep dream imprisoned so he’s free to walk the earth. And for the 20th century he quietly killed thousands of people, ensuring an army of serial killers–who call themselves collectors. These are people that the corinthian has infected with his evil. None of these people can feel empathy for their fellow humans–they just want to use and consume other people to make themselves feel complete. Hence the name–collectors.

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