The Saddest Endings In TV History

TV shows don’t always stick the dismount. A good portion of shows are cancelled before they can properly conclude, and many others have less than satisfactory endings — ones which don’t make good on the promise and good will garnered through earlier episodes. However, some TV shows end well, albeit sadly. In a way, these are some of the best TV show resolutions of them all. Even though we love happy endings, sad endings can seem more true to life, and (when well done) represent a rewarding and thoughtful conclusion to character story arcs that we’ve truly begun to care for very much. These are the saddest endings in TV history.

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Fleabag | 0:00
Six Feet Under | 1:06
Chernobyl | 1:57
Blackadder | 2:54
Twin Peaks | 4:11
Veep | 5:11
Parenthood | 6:13
The Good Place | 7:03
M*A*S*H | 8:20
Merlin | 9:38
How I Met Your Mother | 10:34
The Americans | 11:44
The Leftovers | 12:55
BoJack Horseman | 14:01
When They See Us | 15:07
It’s a Sin | 15:59

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