The Relationship Between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch Explained

"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" sees Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch, two of Marvel’s most famous magic-using superheroes, finally officially meet for the first time. But while the two have just barely missed each other over the course of their time in the MCU, it turns out that they have a bit of a shared history. Whether it’s through the odd coincidence of shared qualities like getting introduced in the same film or their relationship in the comic books that inspired "Doctor Strange 2," there’s a lot to explore. This is the relationship between Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch explained.

Hydra’s radar | 0:00
It’s a kind of magic | 1:13
Two rocks, two hard places | 2:17
Avengers Adjuncts | 3:25
Black Order tag-team | 4:35
The Tolling Stones | 5:32
The Battle of Earth | 6:42
The Darkhold chain | 7:36
Multiverse of Madness | 8:32
One fantastic Physician | 9:45
A magical mentor | 10:33
An uncanny co-worker | 11:25

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