Movie Content Plus Video The Real Reason Tony Stark Had To Die

The Real Reason Tony Stark Had To Die

Tony Stark’s sacrifice in Endgame cemented him as one of the greatest heroes of all time, but what if Iron Man absolutely needed to perish in that final battle? What if, to preserve the sacred timeline and prevent a major multiversal war, Tony Stark needed to be the one that donned the makeshift Infinity Gauntlet and sacrificed himself. I know that’s sorta blasphemous to say, but in this video I will break down the dark future that would’ve occurred if Tony Stark survived the events of Endgame.

If we’re looking at Tony Stark’s history, he often makes bad decisions in the name of protecting Earth. He created Ultron, he took the wrong side in Civil War and was just generally paranoid about saving the planet. So what do you think Tony’s mindset would’ve been if he was in a situation where our Earth was threatened by a multiverse incursion? Do you think he would think about the safety of another planet or would choose to focus more attention on our Earth and not care as much about destroying an alternate reality? Yeah that totally sounds like Tony. I mean, there’s a few versions of evil Tony’s in the comics and I’m afraid our Tony would’ve wound up like that if he didn’t perish in Endgame.

So join me today as I break down why Tony needed to be the one to sacrifice himself in Endgame. I’ll be breaking down all the dark directions Tony’s character could’ve gone afterwards, and I’ll even discuss how the universe could now course correct itself and give us Doctor Doom as a new version of Tony Stark to be the ultimate bad of Secret Wars. It’s going to be a great time! So be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button and leave a comment telling me your thoughts when you’re done! Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get started.



0:00 Intro
0:19 Tony Stark’s Dark Future
3:57 Iron Man: Ultimate Villain
7:07 Doctor Doom is the New Iron Man

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