The Oracle In The Matrix Explained

The Matrix Trilogy is about to become a Tetralogy, so it’s about time to refresh your knowledge of the series’ surprisingly deep lore. If your knowledge of The Matrix is no deeper than "I know kung fu," this is the video for you. We’ll take your through the events of the first film through the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, while also exploring details that only emerged in video game narratives that expanded the Matrix universe. No doubt, the upcoming Matrix Resurrections will introduce whole new layers of complexity to this mind-bending tale, so let’s make sure we understand the basics. This is the Oracle in The Matrix explained.

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Debugging the Matrix | 0:00
The Myth of the One | 1:43
Breaking the cycle | 3:25
Morpheus and Trinity’s path | 4:21
The Oracle Knows All | 5:04
Seraph is Security | 6:21
Direct to the Source | 7:18
The Malicious Merovingian | 8:33
The Oracle’s goals | 9:40
The key to defeat | 10:53
The Oracle Triumphs | 12:01

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