The Only 12 Heroes That Spider-Man Hasn’t Met In The MCU (So Far)

Few characters in the MCU cast as wide a web as Spider-Man. And we’re not just talking about the actual, sticky web — we mean a social web. Over multiple solo adventures and epic team-ups, Peter Parker has fought, befriended, bantered with, and cocooned a whole host of Marvel’s greatest. But even with all the MCU heroes who’ve crossed Peter’s path, you’d be surprised at how many haven’t. From fellow Avengers to cosmic Guardians, Spider-Man has somehow avoided meeting some of the most famous faces of the MCU. Like who? Here are 12 surprising heroes Spider-Man has never properly met in the MCU.

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Black Widow | 0:00
Thor | 1:19
Bruce Banner | 2:09
Some Guardians of the Galaxy | 3:04
The Wasp | 3:55
Lady Sif | 4:48
Loki | 5:48
Black Panther | 6:30
Hawkeye | 7:25
Vision | 8:23
Shang-Chi | 9:21
The Eternals | 10:10

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