The Nun 2 Ending Explained

The Nun 2 Ending Explained

"The Nun II” sees the demon Valak go beyond the walls of the abbey into the French countryside to wreak havoc. What will all the mayhem mean for the "Conjuring" universe as a whole?

Warning: Spoilers for "The Nun II" ahead!

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Finding Frenchie | 0:00
Saved by the blood | 1:08
The fight isn’t over | 2:03
The mid-credits scene | 2:53
Will Valak come back? | 3:33
The power of faith | 4:25
Familial connections | 5:22
What comes next? | 6:23
More ‘Conjuring’ may take time | 7:43

Voiceover By: Dexter Manning

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