The Northman: Where to Stream Robert Eggers’ Viking Epic

After premiering in theatres this April, The Northman is streaming now on Peacock. The visionary director Robert Eggers’ Viking vengeance saga was acclaimed by fans and critics alike.vThe movie is based on an Old Norse folktale Vita Amlethi. Passed down through word of mouth, the tale was officially recorded circa the year 1200 as part of Saxo Grammaticus’ extensive history of Danish rulers and their history. The plot of the story serves as the inspiration for The Northman as well as several famous stories throughout history most notably Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

In the folktale Vita Amlethi, a young Viking prince Amleth vows vengeance on his uncle Fengo, who killed his father King Horwendil, and takes his mother Gerutha as his own wife. This tale certainly inspires the central character of the movie Amleth played by Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Alexander Skarsgård.

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