The Most Terrible Things Jack Sparrow Has Ever Done

Captain Jack Sparrow is a lot of things, but one thing he’s not is a good person. As funny and entertaining as the lead character of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise is, his disloyalty and dishonesty make him a difficult person to rely on. There’s a reason he chose a career swashbuckling on the high seas, after all.

Captain Jack’s actions have ranged from inconvenient to heinous. Whether he’s betraying an ally or sacrificing a hundred souls, he’s certainly no stranger to sin. If you’re curious about the worst of the worst, we’ve got you covered — these are the most terrible things that Jack Sparrow has ever done.

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Jack and Angelica | 0:00
Double-crossings | 0:56
One soul for another | 1:59
Dinner time | 2:44
Betraying the pirate’s code | 3:36
Jack’s seductions | 4:33

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