The Most Powerful Teams The X-Men Have Defeated

A short while ago, I did a video for this channel, talking about how the X-Men always seem to come out on top against pretty much every threat they face. So naturally, a few of you, asked about what some of the biggest threats the team has ever won out against were. Which, is what this short, little video is all about. We’ll talk about the most powerful groups the X-Men has taken on, and come out on top against, and maybe give a bit of a brief rundown, of has they came out on top. So let’s go ahead and dive right into it!


0:00 – Intro
0:31 – The Brood
2:02 – Brotherhood/Hellfire Club
3:25 – Avengers

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Written by: John Aljets (@BenderWaffles)
Narrated by: John Aljets (@BenderWaffles)
Edited by: John Aljets (@BenderWaffles)

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