The Most Memorable Superhero Movie Kisses

Superhero movies can go all over the genre map, but they often fall pretty squarely into the action category of films. Superheroes tend to be better known for fighting, saving innocents and being inspiring than romance. But hey, that doesn’t mean that superheroes can’t have love lives. Sometimes an intimate moment like a kiss between two beloved characters can be as triumphant as defeating a supervillain.

If you’re not convinced, this list of the most iconic kisses in superhero movie history should be more than enough to jog your memory. They’re absolutely standout moments that span decades of superheroic cinema. Here are the most memorable superhero movie kisses.

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Spidey and Mary Jane | 0:00
Rogue and Iceman | 1:03
Hellboy and Liz | 2:01
Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl | 3:10
Poison Ivy and Robin | 4:20
Tony and Pepper | 5:20
Peter and Gamora | 6:12
Deadpool and Vanessa | 7:21
Nite Owl and Silk Spectre | 8:14
Steve and Peggy | 9:01

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