The Most Iconic Face Reveals That Changed TV

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Hiding a character’s identity with a mask creates an instant mystery. Who’s under there? Is it someone we’ve seen before? When will we find out who they are, if ever? Sometimes, TV shows have fumbled the reveal of a masked character’s face, but when a show’s creators get it right? It’s excellent television.

And we want to talk about the times TV series have nailed the reveal of a mysterious character’s face. Whether it’s an existing character who puts on a mask, a new character whose identity becomes important over time, or a perfect joke, these are some of the best face reveals in TV history.

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Din Djarin | 0:00
The Blue Spirit | 1:59
Janet Tyler | 3:36
L | 5:09
Brienne of Tarth | 6:24
The Unnamed Manager | 7:53
Hemorrhage | 9:35
Bridget | 11:01
The Flash | 12:28

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