The Most Devastating Deaths On The Sopranos

Hailed as one of the greatest television shows of all time, The Sopranos spent six seasons delving into the world of organized crime in New Jersey. The series launched the careers of a number of actors and not only put HBO on the map, but proved that television could truly compete with film as an artistic medium.
Violence on the show wasn’t pretty, and no one was safe from it. And as we all know, TV greatness can never be achieved without the death of at least a few characters we know and love — or love to hate. Let’s take a look at the most devastating deaths on The Sopranos.

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Richie Aprile | 0:00
Big Pussy | 1:35
Jackie Aprile Jr. | 2:59
Tracee | 4:38
Ralph Cifaretto | 5:52
Tony Blundetto | 7:21
Eugene Pontecorvo | 8:49
Vito Spatafore | 10:10
Johnny Sack | 11:43
Adriana La Cerva | 13:00
Christopher Moltisanti | 14:22
Bobby Baccalieri | 15:49
Phil Leotardo | 17:02

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